The People's Place provides assistance to anyone living in Ulster County, especially the unemployed, the physically and mentally challenged, working poor, youth, and the elderly.

Bag Summer Hunger – This program provides additional breakfast and lunch foods for families with school age children in Ulster County. It begins at the end of school in June and runs until school begins in September. Parents/guardians can visit us once per week to get this bag of groceries (which changes each week). In 2019 this program provided over 50,000 meals and 60,000 snacks. 

Bag Holiday Hunger is the same program the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. In 2019 this program provided over 25,000 meals and 25,000 snacks. 2019 began Bag Spring Hunger and it provided over 2,900 meals and 4,000 snacks. This program takes place the week of Spring Break. 

Talkin’ Turkey – provides a turkey and all the “fixings” for a Thanksgiving feast to households who pre-register during October and November. Families will receive a turkey, gravy, potatoes, stuffing, corn, green beans, cranberry saucebutter and pie. 1,631 families utilized this program in 2019 

Project Santa – Every December, we gift local Ulster County children between the ages of newborn – 14 years old with a package containing toys, board games, books, stocking stuffers, and winter weather clothing. In December 2019, we helped over 2,000 children have a happy holiday! 

Fresh Bounty Program – Located just inside our doors, this area offers an ever-changing selection of free produce, breads, baked goods, dairy, and proteins. The items change daily and are first come, first serve. Community members in need can visit this area as often as necessary throughout the month. In 2019, over 63,000 pounds of food was offered free from the Bounty Table. 

Your Choice Food Pantry - Our “Your Choice” Food Pantry supplies fresh, frozen, canned and boxed food that equals at least three days’ worth of meals to our needy community. We aim to offer a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, proteins and whole grains based on the USDA healthy food guidelinesWhen visiting the food pantry individuals are encouraged to select the foods which are right for their family, rather than receiving pre-packed bags. Recipients can visit the “Your Choice” Food Pantry twice a month; however, they can also visit our “Fresh Bounty” area and choose free food items daily. All food is provided free of charge. In 2019, we provided over 450,000 free meals to our neighbors in need.  

The Personal Care Closet - Located inside the Your Choice Food Pantrythis program offers families and individuals free personal care items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and deodorant. Over 26,000 items in this category were provided to families during 2019. 

Dress for Dignity – Twice a year, qualifying individuals can shop our thrift store for free clothing to help them stretch their dollars. Each person in the household can choose 6 articles of size appropriate clothing. In 2019, over 20,000 articles of clothing were handed out as part of this program. 

Warm Coats from Warm Hearts - Individuals and families in need of a winter coat can visit our location from October to March 1st and receive one coat per household family member for free. During the 2019 winter season over 300 coats were giving away.  

Back to School Smart Starts – The last week of August we offer school supplies such as notebooks, pens, crayons, paper, scissors, and backpacks to families in need throughout Ulster County. In 2019, over 500 children received school supplies from us. 

Birthday Booth – We love helping our community neighbors celebrate their children’s birthdays!! Parents/Guardians can fill out a simple registration form HERE or at our site location during our regular business hours prior to their child’s birthday. Parents/Guardians then come into People’s Place on their assigned day before their child's birthday and pick up an age-appropriate birthday present, birthday cake and party supplies from our Birthday Booth. Identification showing the child’s birthday must be presented when picked up. 182 children were happy recipients of this program in 2019.

Farm Stand – This seasonal program which runs from May to the end of October offers free fresh produce from local Hudson Valley Farms. It begins at approximately 8:30am and goes until 11 AM or until produce runs out, whichever is first. No ID is required for this program. Please bring your own bags. This program is in conjunction with Local Economies Project, Community Foundation of the Hudson Valley and the Regional Food Bank of North Eastern New York. On average, we provide fresh produce to over 1,200 people each Tuesday between the hours of 9am – 11am. In 2019, over 225,000 pounds of fresh produce was disbursed through this program. 

Summer Bookworm Program – This program provides books appropriate for school age children to any parent or guardian who visits our location during June, July and August. Over 1,500 books were passed out during these three months in 2019 valued at over $15,000 but priceless to their new young owners. 

New Beginnings – This program helps individuals start over with simple household wares and bedding. This program is intended for those suffering from tragedy, re-entering society, or first time independent living. 

Victory Over Hunger – This initiative is all about sharing with your neighbors. Individuals planting a garden are asked to plant an extra row or two for the People’s Place Food Pantry. At harvest time, these community gardeners share their bounty with us.  

Cherish A Book – Our large selections of previously loved books are offered to all community members for FREE and are perpetually replenished by our generous donors. They can be found upon entering our 17 St. James Street location. In 2019 over 25,000 books were given away. 

Youth Fighting Hunger Resume Program - This program helps young adults build their resume for future employment and college applications. It educates students on food insecurity, financial challenges, and provides a philanthropic experience. Students must be 16 years old and apply on location.  

Jazzy’s Pet Pantry – Our newest program is our Pet Pantry and we are proud to be helping EVERY member of the family. We offer pet food to family’s experiencing financial challenges because “Pets are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” In 2019 this program helped feed over 2,000 pets. 

Farm to Pantry Internship – This program is educating young people about sustainability, food distribution, organic farming practices, food insecurity, and community initiatives through hands on experience at a local farm and here at People’s Place. It teaches about food preservation, branding, marketing, social awareness. In 201914 individuals participated in this program. 

Information Station – This is an area located at the front of the store that can supply information about the programs offered here and around Ulster County. 

Styles N’ Smiles – Styles N’ Smiles offers our neighbors in need free haircuts by licensed beauticians and barbers. This is a monthly program during the Spring/Summer/Fall months. 

Community Café – A community café open to everyone serving continental breakfast, soupssalads and sandwiches for lunch.